Tire Inflator Stand for Air and Water (including all accessories)


Tire Inflator Stand for Air and Water – Give your customers a fresh new look to your Air Pressure and Water station. This well built Stainless Steel stand can house our Gripper electronic tire inflator and your water hose in one nice neat package that also allows you to take your service station branding to a whole new level. Wrap it with your own logo to make it stand out from your competition. It will never rust or need paint and is easy to clean. Note: Gripper not included. All other optional accessories on this page included.


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– Manufactured T-304 Cal 11 stainless steel sheet in structure

– T-304 Cal 11 Stainless Steel Sheet Base

– Height Measurement:141 cm (55.5”) Width: 34 cm (13.4”) Thickness: 11 cm (4.33”)

– Easy access back cover

– Has internal control lock (OPTIONAL)

– 1/4” Internal hoses for air and water

– Air hose support with 1/4″ NPT connector

– 1/4″ spiral neoprene air hose (OPTIONAL)

– Open 1/4” Chuck Mod SCH 250 (OPTIONAL)

– Water hose support with 1/4″ NPT connector

– 1/4″ Spiral Neoprene Water Hose (OPTIONAL)

– Approximate weight with equipment 22.5kg (49.5 pounds)



– 1/4” water nozzle (OPTIONAL)

– Inflator

– Gripper (Logo)

– Supply voltage at 90-240 VAC

– With a consumption of 16W

– Operating temperature from -40° C to 70° C (-40° F to 158° F)

– Maximum inflation pressure 10 Bar-(145 PSI)-1000 KPa

– Coin Operated or SMS payments version also available.


Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 16 × 6 in
Gripper model

Gripper Round